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Constructing a labyrinth at Mounts Bay with Sig Lonegren

Saturday 2nd February turned out to be a bright and sunny day, with a biting northerly wind.  The turnout was excellent at the Community Hall in Marazion for Sig Lonegren’s talk on Labyrinths for the Trencrom Dowsers and visitors.


Sig was keen to clarify  the distinction between mazes and labyrinths.  Apparently mazes have high walls and are intended as puzzles for the left side of the brain, whereas labyrinths have low walls and are right brain problem solving devices. The way to navigate your way out of a maze was with a ball of yarn and the Anglo Saxon word for a ball of yarn is a ‘clew’.  I say no more. Continue reading


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Sig Lonegren – Talk on History, Construction and Use of Labyrinths

Trencrom Dowsers are hosting a talk by the internationally renowned dowser and geomancer Sig Lonegren at 1pm on Saturday 2nd February in the main hall at the Marazion Community Centre.  Entrance is £2 for members and £4 for non-members.  After the talk and  tea and biscuits, the group will head down to the beach to create a labyrinth.

John on dowsing day

John Moss from Trencrom Dowsers on International Dowsing Day 2012